Customs import duty?

    I'm thinking of ordering 2 bridesmaids dresses costing $131 dollars each from America, total of $262. I'm trying to work out how much the customs will be, to work out if it is worth my while to do this or not, but although I've been to the HMRC website I can't work it out.

    Does anyone know much duty I will pay on $262 for 2 bridesmaid's dresses?



    Tax is charged at 17.5% on goods over £18. $131 is approx £65.

    £65 x 17.5% = £11.38

    £131 x 17.5% = £22.93

    You will be charged approx £22.93 in tax + a handling charge by either Royal MAil or Parcel Force which will be either £8 or £13

    So the max money you'll pay (approx) is £36

    Above are very rough estimates - so dont lynch me if they charge more


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    Tekno, thanks a million - that's all I've to pay it'll be well worth it! Rep added, thanks

    Are you getting married then tess?

    You will probably have customs duty as well which seems to be around 12%. You also pay VAT on the duty that you pay. If these are for young girls (i'm not sure what age upto) you should not have to pay VAT. Hope this helps,

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    I am Caz, in November and I can't wait!!

    Neil one is for a 12 year old who will probably need an adult size, and the other is for an adult. Are both sets of duty independently calculated, or are they additive (hope you know what I mean)

    If they are both adult sizes then you will need to pay VAT on both but if one is a childs size then you will only need to pay VAT on the adult one (or that's how customs should do it!)

    Items for Kiddies and personal gifts, usually have a higher import value before VAT is applicable - i think it's £36 or something like that - but the item has to be marked on the declaration form that it is for kids:-D

    I cant find the link to tell me - if i do ill post it up.

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