Customs import duty threshold set to rise (from BBC news)

Found 13th Nov 2008…stm

No doubt be all over the news later...but can only be good news for us hotUKdealers (and hotworldwidedealers too)...BBC reports that the government is set to increase the threshold for paying customs import duty from items bought outside the EU from 22 Euros to 150 Euros (~£127). Increased allowance set to come into force on 1st December.
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Good news. If only the $ was still 2 to £1

Good news. If only the $ was still 2 to £1

Yeah why didn't they do this 6 months ago, could have bought milliony bargains :w00t:

Just had a read and.....

VAT will still be charged on most items that cost more than 22 euros.

Back to square one and an £8 charge from RM :roll:
Taken from the ]HMRC website:

"12. I have read recently that the threshold for importing goods will increase from €22 (£18)* to €150 (£105)* does that mean that all goods under that value will free of all duties?
No, these changes will apply only to Customs duty.

VAT and Excise duties will remain unaffected.

Other charges e.g. handling fees made by Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide and charges made by other carriers will also remain unaffected.

For example, you will no longer be required to pay Customs duty from 1 December 2008 for goods up to a value of €150 (£105)* when ordered from outside the EU.

However you will still have to pay import VAT on goods that are over the current €22 (£18)* threshold as well as any Excise duty that may be applicable."

Ah well...a small bonus I suppose, not as good as I first read it though and will update the title now...
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