Customs / import on a dvd?

    Wondering if i will have to pay any customs on a dvd from asia. The dvd will cost me £25 with free delivery which of course isn't free its charged in the price.
    Read that they don't charge on the first £18 or £36 if a gift but its from yesasia so won't be classed as a gift.
    Will i get away with it being under the £18? as even tho advertised with free delivery it will cost them a bit to send it.
    Does anyone know roughly how much it would be if i did get charged

    2 Comments will pay the VAT (Value Added Tax) and custom duties for orders shipped to the United Kingdom

    Please note: All Sony game products, including consoles, accessories, and games, are not eligible for VAT-Free service to the United Kingdom

    My dad orders a lot of stuff from the us and hong kong and has it delivered to me,the most ive had to pay for a customs charge is £10.40 and that was on a r/c airframe that he had delivered here.
    8/10 times I dont have to pay a charge,they seem to let a lot slip thru the net
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