Cute comment from son has made my day!

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Found 27th Nov 2009
Dont kids say the sweetest things ( sometimes lol)
My 8yr old was sitting on my lap giving me a cuddle when he said
" Mum i love you so much, you remind me of chocolate and vanilla cheesecake, I just want to eat you up"

I am sure in his eyes this is the best compliment ever! which really brightened my day!!

This is one phrase I am going to remember and remind him of when he brings his GF home to meet us when hes older! hahahaha

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Aw, kiddies are so cute.

Hope you are well x x

my 6yr old likes saying he loves me more than a hotdog! he doesn't even like hotdogs btw, just likes the word.

would much rather be compared to a cheesecake ;-)

my daughter wont kiss me says no catagoricaly then stamps her feet and reads me the riot act and if im unlucky i get a wollop she is 18 months

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lolll rappy!!

Aw bless. Mine always tell me they love me, right before they ask for something. The nicest thing (recently) was when I said I just needed a bit of peace and quiet because I had a headache. My eldest said, in his best quietest and ever so slightly whiney voice, 'It's ok Mummy. You sit there, I'll make you a pretend cup of tea, and ring Daddy to come home really really quick and look after you. Shall we put cartoons on?'

You have to love them. He's just turned three.

my son comes home with funnies like "mary mary kai pachury how dose your garden grow"

I hate cheesecake.

aw my 5 yr old daughter tells me every day that i'm her best friend and she loves me. i have to fight my 3yr old son for a cuddle or kiss!
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