Cute vid... duck feeding Koi.

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Found 4th Apr 2007…fGE

That's pretty damn cute if you ask me. Yep, I'm a wussy-girlie-man.

And before you ask, no I wasn't searching for duck videos on YouTube... I do have a life. It was on the YouTube homepage. :thumbsup:



Ahh cuteness ....

Those fish looked big enough to eat the flippin' duck!!!

There is your, now older, little 4 legged friend ducky!

Full story ]here

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I did post a picture in the thread last night, but it wasn't as clear as that one.


I did post a picture in the thread last night, but it wasn't as clear as … I did post a picture in the thread last night, but it wasn't as clear as that one.

Didnt notice the thread, and thought I would post here rather than looking through for that (or posting new thread)


The humble duck, may this be the next big evolutionary creature? Which will one day become the owner of the planet in place of humans? The 4 legged duck already has hovering perfected, what will its brain 8 times the size of an ordinary duck brain learn next? All big questions, can anyone answer?

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I wonder if it'd breed more four-legged ducks? I guess their survival rate would be pretty low if it did...

There's a type of duck called the crested duck which has a lovely crest on its head, but apparantly only 50% of them live because the crest can put pressure on their brain or something...

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It seems only 1 in 3 has a crest because of the way their genes work.


Thinking about this has began to concern me. The other duck has got them koi wrapped round its little web! What next Lions, Tigers!

As for the four legged duck thing, I could go into a long speech on genetics. But I won't because as your a wussy-girlie-man you probably wouldn't understand. Depends if it is actually genetic.

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Yeah, my brother kinda teaches genetics sooooooo...


Would be interesting if it was genetic, but looking at it I would just say the duck is a freak!

ahhh the video is so cute!

hmmmmmmmmmmmm duck tasty
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