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    We are looking at improving our customer service at work.

    Basically at present if a customer rings and the phone is not answered it goes to answer phone.

    We check messages thoughout the day and phone back on a mobile (not witheld).

    This week we have introduced a new system where after 6 rings the call is diverted to our longs standing "partner" allDayPa

    We then get an e-mail asking to phone the customer.

    We ring the customer and no reply so leave message "please phone us back".

    The customer phones back but again after 6 rings the call goes to allDayPa and gets stuck in a "loop" that could almost be never ending.

    My solution was to phone all customers that allDayPa have e-mailed us to contact from office mobile but that was met with "some older customers dont want to ring a mobile"

    What do other business people do?

    We would prefer not another £15k plus receptionist


    I think only solution is to leave message please phone this mobile and we will phone you back.


    Just go back to the system you were using before surely

    Companies who have got it right for me have rung me, left a message saying they will try again later and do so. It shouldn't be up to the customer to make up for your companies lack of staff.

    I also wouldn't be happy ringing a mobile, I don't what your business is but someone asking me to ring a mobile would ring alarm bells, never mind the possible cost.

    If you have to have the customer ring you back what about using a second landline that you ask the customers to ring when you leave them a message ? If this line isn't forwarded then it'll ring in your office and you can answer it ?

    If you have a business where you publish your telephone number as a way of providing customer service then every time that phone rings it should be answered by a human being. Otherwise, you are not providing customer service!
    The better the company, the better the products/services the less need there is for customer services and the converse is true.
    If any customer has to contact "customer services" then something is wrong and needs to be corrected; steps taken to make sure no further call is received about a similar matter. The fundamental aim of customer services is to work to a point where there is no need for customer services.
    All very easy to say and not so easy to achieve. Do not scrimp on the resource needed in the beginning. Never outsource customer services.
    Do not introduce any fantastic telecoms systems that entail the customer pressing keys or voice activated choices. Do not have canned music at any time. Never put people in a queue system.
    Put the customer service staff in charge of quality control/testing and product/service release management. It is then in there interests to eliminate any future calls from customers.

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    buy/rent a hosted geographical number and use an app to ring from so can present out a local or national number customers can ring back on it. look at gamma

    Just give them the option of leaving a message or waiting for someone to become free. Depending on which system you have it should be able to give average wait times or a predicted waiting time until the call will be answered.
    You might not want a £15,000 receptionist but how high on your list is customer service? Would it not pay for itself in missed orders?

    Pay for a receptionist, will pay dividends in the future.

    Is there a way to set the landline up to forward to a mobile number? That way someone could have the work mobile on them at all times and every call would get answered even if no one is at the landline.

    Why are you not answering the phone in the first place?


    oh your a bit backdated. have you heard of call diverting? phone companies do this so all your calls can get diverted to your mobile. also ask them about call waiting system like say, if you're on the phone then a waiting ringtone can be heard the otherside until you answer the call.
    manage your stock promptly on a good data base so you don't waste much time

    Hire someone in India to answer your calls for a few months and your customers will eventually stop bothering you.


    Hire someone in India to answer your calls for a few months and your … Hire someone in India to answer your calls for a few months and your customers will eventually stop bothering you.

    ​ lol!

    I think customer service is best dealt with by email or letters as often it needs to be reviewed and looked into. But if it is something that can be sorted by phone then you should ring customer back again if you don't get them first time. You should at least call them back 5 tries in the day. - really not expensive and works wonderfully just off a dedicated PC in the office. Can call divert, call holding, ring groups etc etc

    Nice of the op to not even bother to return to this thread.


    Nice of the op to not even bother to return to this thread.

    Given their CS problems,I'm not surprised X)


    Nice of the op to not even bother to return to this thread.

    maybe they're too busy trying to call customers back

    Can you not change it to more than 6 rings before going to voicemail? Even changing it to 12 rings would mean a lot more people would get answered. Once of the call waiting systems would be good too. My doctors have it. If it says how many people are in the queue, you then have the choice of waiting what could be a considerable time or hanging up and trying later. With me, if there is more than 5 I would try later.

    It just sounds like your current phone system is outdated, your current phone system isn't setup correctly, you need new licenses to get the functionality you want or a combination.
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