Cutting through already installed laminate flooring.

Posted 25th Apr 2022
I'm a bit of a novice and just wondering what sort of saw I should use to cut through already installed laminate flooring. We are running cables for full fibre and borrowed a circular saw but getting way too much kick back. I'm guessing a smaller blade with lots of teeth would be better or saw???
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    you carpeted over the laminate? Whats under that?
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    richp25/04/2022 12:56

    Personally I'd use an oscillating multi tool as I can't be certain I'd …Personally I'd use an oscillating multi tool as I can't be certain I'd have any fingers left using a circular saw. You can get blades for laminate.[Image]

    Have you ever tried cutting laminate with an oscillating tool ? I have and it takes forever.
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    Personally I'd use an oscillating multi tool as I can't be certain I'd have any fingers left using a circular saw. You can get blades for laminate.

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    No that saw should do it.
    You must have the blade set too low so it's touching the ground.
    Reduce the height to slightly less then the thickness of the laminate, I'm guessing that's 6mm laminate looking at that.
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    Hit a chisel or stanley knife along the long joint then it will all just lift away, (edited)
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    You are correct, you need a suitable blade with more teeth. That blade would only be good for softwoods.
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    dremel would work
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    You'd be better off with a plunge saw that is designed for the job, if you try to lower a circular saw onto any material you'll get kick back.
    if its operating at high rpm by the time is makes initial and gradual contact, you will be fine
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    I wonder if a chaser would do it?

    Or use some ducting or new skirting board with inbuilt ducting.
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    Where and how much are you looking to cut? up against a wall? is the laminate coming up? how neat an edge?

    I'd be using a track saw or a oscillating multitool - depending on circumstances.

    The blade on that circular saw!? I'd not use that for anything.
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    Angle grinder with a new metal grinding disk would cut a 6/7 mm groove... How many cables and how far you going ? Mines in trunking on top of the skirting... Faffing with laminate was looking to be a pain
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    Just out of interest, why can't the cable be run around the perimeter of the room along the skirting board?
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    I think I'd use a plunge router with a suitable bit and a bit of tracking, unless you want to follow that carpet grip.
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    TBH that circular saw looks like it should be on the Antiques Roadshow lol! A good circular saw with a reasonably sharp blade set to about 6 to 7 mm deep should be fine, however you will need another tool to reach the skirting board. I'd recommend a multi tool for that.
    Have you not considered a mesh system, and leaving your router location where it is?
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    I use mini circular saw to cut floor boards, it would also work on laminate.
    Out of interest why did you lay carpet over the laminate flooring ?
    Also is it definitely boards and not concrete under your laminate ?
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    How many cables are you running and what type of cable? From where and to where?

    I installed laminate last year and had FTTP installed two weeks ago. The ONT was installed on entry point of fibre cable. I had put one length of cat5e ethernet cable behind the scotia from ONT position to hub position across the room.
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    I borrowed a different blade from my father in law and it did the trick. Although made a mess of the laminate trying to find a good section of mdf to unscrew (ended up having to cut that too). Looks like a fricken jigsaw puzzle under the carpet now but it's solid enough and covered with sofa and a corner desk. I was running one cat 7 cable from fibre box in one room to the next so I could put the router in a more central position. Also had 5 other Cat5e cables, 2 outdoor ones with going out upstairs into a loft room and bedroom and 2 going back under the floor to the other side of the room for a ps5 and Xbox. I will be putting wall plates for them then connecting an ethernet cable from there to all the consoles/TV's. Also we probably should of took up all the laminate but as our house is 1920s and has no wall insulation we left it and carpeted over it for a bit more warmth. (In this situation I wish we had ripped it all out)
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