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    I am one exam away from completing AAT Level 4 Technician Level. The exam will be in december and the results won't be released until February How am I going to put this in my CV?.. Thank You..


    err "pending results" ?

    Do you have an expected grade at all ? if so can you not put in that you are almost at the end of the course adding the detail of what you hope to get

    I would just state the obvious in your education/qualification section of CV

    "currently undertaking AAT level 4 technician level. Result to be published in Feb 2011"

    or something to that effect.

    Date: Feb 2011
    Qualificiation: AAT Level 4 Technician Level
    Grade: TBA

    Or something along those lines and formatted according to your CV. Could put in a predicted grade.

    Original Poster

    They don't give us grades at all. They only tell us if we passed or not. Thanks for all your help.


    Just put course omplete awaiting certification results or something along those lines
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