C.V help for a young buy who has never worked

    the missus brother has just finished school and wants to get a job, he has asked me to help do his C.V but i am really stuck

    as he has never worked and other then qualifications etc what else can i write to make his C.V more then just a bit of paper with his name on

    Has anyone got any tips or even samples of 1st time C.V'S



    PM me and I will email you a CV from word.

    need a GSOH ...
    he could make a business card with GSOH added to his name, like in qualifications.

    that's me being creative

    Tell him to carry on with education or do an apprentership.

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    to be honest that is what i said to him right away but hsi mum is nto to well so she is off work his older brother is lazy so he has taken on the role of being the man of the house, i got to give him 100% respect that he dont wanna be a dole lay about


    Tell him to carry on with education or do an apprentership.

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    thanks everyone rep left, BIG THANKS to you magicjay1986 your a star

    If he has no practical work experience, any CV will be disregarded and he'll still have to fill in application forms.

    A letter would work just as well detailing his qualifications and career goals.

    [SIZE="4"]John Smith, G.SOH[/SIZE]

    i'd get him in for an interview purely for that.

    lol at not workin, just make it up, i did that to get my current job until uni.
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