Cyber Monday a huge disappointment?

Is it me or is this year's Cyber Monday a massively huge disappointment. Not even anything remotely close to the deals on Black Friday?


yes......unless you want a TV or tablet....all rather anti climatic.....still got some good shizzle though!!!! only....not akin to fighting while shopping.... :0)

Still waiting on some cheap lamb chops !!

it has all been pants

Just an extension to Black Friday (which wasn't great) . Just what's left of the Black Friday tat . Didn't see any new deals crop up today - massive anti-climax

I was up early hoping I could catch some decent mobile phone deals as I missed out on Friday. £10-£20 off things isn't really all that great and that's all I'm seeing.

Yep I'm quite disappointed. Didn't get much on Black Friday as I was avoiding shops due to chaos and only going online.

This Cyber Monday is just a dragged out Black Friday with hardly any new deals + half the stuff from Black Friday is sold out and its just like leftovers for Cyber Monday


lool you're talking like black friday had some half decent deals.

thanksgiving weekend is crap here in the UK, you should head to the states where one of the best deals was an iPad mini 2 at best buy for $150!


OK Cyber Monday is a HUGE disappointment but remember

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It's all been a load of old ****. Better deals to be had on the lead up, then BOOM, son I am disappoint..........
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