Cyber Monday & Black Friday OVER HYPED

Posted 2nd Dec
Got to say Black Friday & a poor Cyber Monday I/We have had, or is it over Hyped? Probably good for Games & TVs.
The annoying thing is retailers are starting their sale a week before, never mind on the day. God knows when will the discount start next year ...2weeks in advance?
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At last!

A combined Black Friday & Cyber Monday thread.
Really poor
I just bought a nice new belt.
At last!

A combined Black Friday & Cyber Monday thread.
Nothing really caught my eye as being a fantastic deal and I was actively searching a variety of websites.
It was rubbish last year as well. Nothing came close to that deal for the P30 Pro.
Definitely some excellent deals from Zalando / Nike / Adidas the week before Black Friday / Cyber Monday very disappointed with Zalando & Nike On Black Friday and Cyber Monday itself.

It is always over hyped in my opinion and a big disappointment

Qwertee’s 6 T shirts for £12 delivered with free socks was a good offering on my opinion and the best sale i’ve seen them do.

Build a Bear have also brought back there £8 Bears in store this week which I also think is a good offer.

Still some bargains to be picked up at Adidas too with the up to 65% off and 30% discount code.
Can’t believe how...many threads like this one have been listed about how bad the deals are.
chimp14uk02/12/2019 16:20

I just bought a nice new belt.

Purchased some tops today on the Reebok website, stuff i actually need
Upto 65% off selected lines
chimp14uk02/12/2019 16:20

I just bought a nice new belt.

Is this to celebrate BDSM Tuesday?
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Disagree. It wasn't over hyped. The hype said things are usually as cheap or cheaper at other times of the year. And they were spot on.

Having said that, there were some worthwhile deals on things we planned to buy. But perhaps that's the difference; we didn't log on with credit card in hand waiting to rack up debt on tat. We knew what we wanted and only bought that if it was a good deal

Take a chill pill.
People say this every year
More news at 11
I haven't seen or heard any fights break out this year
Seen so many great deals, and saved £££.
Over the moon jumping with joy.
They realised 2 years ago that Black Friday was significantly reducing Christmas trade. Hence they have cut back on discounts and deals and are saving it for our traditional sale period.
Was awful .. really was expecting to find TVs discounted but nothing was even reduced .. I think next year all sales should start on the Friday this 2 weeks before bull crap I’m not here for.
I bought a laptop from currys a on the 21st Nov for £179 … Cyber Monday price was £249 …… what a crock of S***
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