Cyber Monday prices vs January Sales prices

    Hi guys, generally, in which of the two events are you more likely to get a better deal? I'm looking to get a 10+ inch samsung tablet/note but I'm not to fussed if it's before or after Xmas. Any help would be appreciated! =)


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    In the January sales. Today is a gimmick to shift tat.

    Cyber Monday is a ploy to keep people spending from black Friday , in all its just a normal sale, janurary sales are good for buying stuff over 300 pound, like a laptop as you will get a good deal

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    Thanks guys. I'll just wait =)

    There will always be good bargains in all the sales, problems are though, are finding whats the good bargains and actually getting your hands on the stock.

    The TVs that people were fighting over were not the good type of bargain.

    The best bargain i eve got was by mistake, when i purchased a printer from Argos, the guy brought out the wrong printer and i said about it being the wrong one (which it was) but i fortunately decided that i would check again rather than him checking. Turned out the printer he was handing over was worth £140 and i was only paying £39 for it.

    The way i look at all purchases is: Can i live with the asking price for the item knowing that at some point the price will reduce? If im going shopping around is the possible discount be worth my time and hassle of waiting?

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    Yeah I guess it will always be a case of the price being lower at later dates. I guess whatever they don't get rid of now will still be around in Jan. Might hold out for a super cheap galaxy tab 3 or a slightly better tab 4 in Jan I think.

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