Cycle to Work Bike Recommendations please!

Found 1st Mar
Hi! My work is about to start Cycle to Work Scheme this month, so I'm looking for advice on the best bike to get.

Probably not looking for a road bike? Something able to take on canal gravel paths, a bit of road and some rough terrain.

Something hopefully lightweight (carbon?), have probably £1000 budget or a wee bit more?

I aint a hardcore cyclist and currently have a couple of Specialized £400 MTB's, but looking for something a little bit better.

What is the best brand?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Raleigh Grifter
I wouldn’t go carbon for a mountain bike but it is personal preference I just think you would be putting money into the frame that could be better spent on an alloy bike with better parts.

the Trek Roscoe 8/9 is decent or look at Giant.
You might prefer this

I got a Cannondale Quick CX2 which is pretty light and will probably do everything you need.
davewave8 h, 56 m ago

Raleigh Grifter

Ha ha brilliant bikes they were back in the day mate!
nemesiz7 h, 49 m ago

You might prefer this [Image]

Yeah especially this week eh! lol
SupaShoppa34 m ago

Had one of those as well lol

They were the bees-knees
davewave10 h, 28 m ago

oh... just love to ride a bad boy...
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