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    Hi I'm thinking about getting a bike on the cycle2work scheme but I'm not realy sure which bike to get. My price range is around £200 - £350 and the shop must be in the cycle to work scheme . I have been told there are some decent bikes here - . Thanks for reading.


    I've just bought a mountain bike from evans cycles, very good service, even though the couriers damaged the bike and i'm waiting for a replacement.

    Use the code NEW10 to get 10% off your order too:thumbsup:

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    Cheers for the heads up mate. rep added. Just out of curiousity what bike did you get?

    Don't know about the cycle 2 work thing, but is very good for doing last years models at huge discounts. If you're not fussy about having the latest model then you can save a lot there.

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    Cheers but they don't do the cycle2work scheme that i can see. have some rep for your sugestion, thanks.

    westendcycles in colwyn bay, try them

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    westendcycles in colwyn bay, try them

    Cheers mate rep added.:thumbsup:

    Do you not have to do the Cycle2Work Scheme within a set time period at work? Ours has stopped for this year already.

    I looked into this scheme, we have it at work. All the shops in the scheme were unfortunately very expensive. Friend went for the scheme but is still waiting for it all to be sorted out. She ended up paying over £300 for a bike the same spec as mine, from Argos (£98)

    It is very cumbersome to sort out and takes several weeks.

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    Yh my company is paired with decent prices there with %50 off it will help alot!
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