Posted 20th Dec 2022
Can anyone recommend a cheap product that is good for keeping my ears warm cycling in cold temperatures? Like -3C the other day! Yikes.

I have seen ear bands and muffs etc when googling, but if anyone has actual experience of using one under your bike helmet, please advise.
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    A few weeks ago I bought one of these fleece caps that covers your ears. Been out mountain biking in -2c and my ears were lovely and warm. Price has gone up, I did pay £7.99, so may be cheaper elsewhere.…GK/
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    A balaclava - although this was years ago when helmets weren't a thing.
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    I use a skull cap keeps your head and ears warm…ybz
    i saw that when googling the skull cap suggested earlier. the reviews says that the ear part is too big and doesn't snug over the ears, which puts me off as pricewise, it is very good value. have you had any issue with the ear part being too loose?
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    I have a thinish tube type thing that goes around your neck but when it’s really cold I can pull it up over the back of my head / ears and my helmet still fits over the top of it
    have you got a pic of it?
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    Bet you'd find something suitable on wiggle
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    I use a neck warmer and that way can cover my ears and nose if required (toggle pulls it tight) - but also after heated up can easily pull it down. Only caveat isc f you want goggles/glasses you will steam them up.
    I have a neck warmer, or rather hubby has one that I could borrow. how do you get it to cover your ears and stay there?
  7. Avatar…aWw

    I have something like this, got it from pound land years ago. Probably get one cheaper on ebay.
    that wouldn't fit under a bike helmet
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    A snood.
    This is the answer
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    I just use a Buff (well a generic one). Just take it and instead of pulling it over your head and wearing it around your neck you just put it on your head and then pull it down from the back so that it goes over over your ears with your face sticking out of the front. Job done. There are plenty on Amazon listed as a Buff, neck warmer snood, tubular scarf, etc.

    49101302-mgnM8.jpg (edited)
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    these cannot be beaten imho…htm

    female ones have a slit in the back for a pony tail..

    lots of other brands hav ecopied the style
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