OK, about to take the plunge and get on my bike.......I don't think helemets were invented when I was last on one 30yrs ago...!

    So apart from price and colour, what is the difference between different helmets? Do the more expensive ones provide more protection / impact resistance?

    Happy to spend more on a good quality helmet, just would like to know what I am getting for my money.


    I do a lot of off road biking, but I am not a "helmet" expert....

    However.....I don't think the more expensive ones give you better protection. I think they are simply lighter and more streamlined

    I think you can get away with spending £30 or slightly less and still get something which will protect your head perfectly.

    More expensive ones will be lighter, have more vents to keep your head cooler and be more comfortable to wear.

    They wont necessarily provide more protection as there is a certain standard that all helmets have be at.
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