Nephew has just got his first job. Train fares too much so he cycles to work. Mentioned to me last night that the lights he bought for the bike, the batteries (large ones), keep running out and he is fed up replacing them.

    Xmas present problem solved, but I have no idea what to look for in lights. Are there lights that you can recharge rather than batteries? Was also going to get him some other gear, jacket / bag which is light reflective for very dark mornings.

    Appreciate any advice


    Could try rechargeable batteries (they are what makes the light work) or, failing that, candles.

    You could get some LED lights as they will probably use less power, some here…ts/

    I highly highly recommend these lights for "to be seen" light…00/

    It all depends on how dark is commute is but these are decent for letting drivers know he's on the road. For the money, you will not get better.

    However for some "to see" lights, I would recommend the P7 900 Lumen lights -…149

    If he's commuting and has lots to carry, why not get him a rack and some panniers to take the strain off his back?

    The best commuters cycling jacket IMO is the Altura Nightvision range. At about £50, its cheap and cheerful too and will keep him quite warm.

    For road use this is my choice for quality at a reasonable price.

    ]Review. Cheapest I can find ]here (where I purchased mine)

    ]Chainreaction is worth a look, lots of choice and free delivery. Best deals are probably had buying the lights sepeately - I got the ]£5 7-led rear light and the ]£8 Smart front light (has an LED for when you just need to be seen and a halogen bulb for when you need a bit of light to see where you are going!) but you have options going all the way up to several hundred pounds!

    Edit - that 1 watt nano gavinlewis posted is quite a bit better though and merlin are a very reliable store in my experience...

    for me most important is good gloves.

    Do they take ]size C batteries? :?
    I got 480 of 'em if ya interested! :w00t:

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    HERR SCHNAPPS;6848744

    Could try rechargeable batteries (they are what makes the light work) or, … Could try rechargeable batteries (they are what makes the light work) or, failing that, candles.

    I have not seen the very large batteries in rechargable form, your sarcasm is unwarranted :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Many thanks for all the help as usual guys. Will take me a while to look at it all.

    Rechargable AA batteries much easier to deal with
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