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    Hi all,

    I’m a total novice to buying bikes. Would appreciate a bit of help.

    I’m looking to buy a mountain bike (adult male, 6ft tall). It’ll only be used appx 20 times a year, during the summer. I usually cycle at Rutland Park during these months and rent bikes from there £22.50 a pop. But if I had my own bike I’d cycle more frequently at a local mountain biking spot. But again, I’d only probably use it 20-30 times a year maximum. I don’t need a bike as part of my daily commute.

    The bike I hire from Rutland seems ok enough, they sell the ex-hire for appx £300 which is out of my budget. I’m looking at a used bike between £150-£230’ish. Can anyone offer any advice please? As mentioned, I don’t mind buying used off ebay but would appreciate a steer in the right direction please.


    What sort of terrain would you be riding on? I know Rutland waters well and the max you need there is a hardtail.

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    Thanks for your response, yes that's probably as rough as it'll be. I live in London and apparently there are a few tracks at Leith Hill and Boxhill but I doubt they are much different.

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    Do you think it's possible to buy a used hardtail mountain bike of decent quality for between £150-£230? If so, are there any particular brands I should be looking for. Or any pointers to be aware of.

    Hi, second hand is 100% where you should be looking, lockout forks would be ideal as when/if you ride on a good surface you'll get on better. Don't forget correct size frame!

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    Thanks... Any particular brands I should be looking for?


    £150-£230’ish, a used bike, you can search brands like Muddyfox,Arden
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