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Found 31st Mar 2007
I got the good value cycling pedals from Lidls, however they didn't have my size shoes.
Does anyone know where i can get cheap cycling shoes that take a SPD cleat.
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Try here:


I got some £80 cannondale for £30 2 years ago. Good deals!

Go for these rather than the performance shoes, those ones are a little difficult to walk in.

Also, be very very careful with spd pedals. My advice is to find some to keep the bike upright, then practice taking each foot on and off again and again, until you can do it without looking. Also be aware that the tension in the pedal will probably need loosening.

Some people advise getting shoes with just velcro as it means that if you cant get your foot out, you can undo the velcro instead!

If no good deals here try wiggle - [url]www.wiggle.co.uk[/url]
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