CycloDS Evolution

Found 2nd Nov 2008
looking to purchase one of these but don't know where to buy it from - pcjerry.co.uk, consoleup.com; has anyone purchased from these guys?

or should i get a different card for homebrew?
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I find the TopToy from dealextreme.com is very good and cheap.

but they don't stock CycloDS - is TopToy better?
CycloDS is about the best cart money can buy. The Edge is very similar but a bit cheaper.

The Top Toy is cheap and cheerful.

It all depends on what you want to cart to do? Play homebrew? Emulators? Media? Back ups?
all of the above i suppose, is there any chances of 'bricking'?

all of the above i suppose, is there any chances of 'bricking'?

Nope. You're not actually changing the DS in anyway, so no chance of bricking

If you want cheap, go for the Top Toy. If you want an all rounder, I'd go with the Edge.

Both available from Dealextreme (about 2 weeks delivery time).
i get all my stuff from [url]www.ukmodchips.net[/url] or [url]www.wii-chip.co.uk[/url] ... both are fast and have great after sales service.
I purchased my cyclodsevolution from consoleup.com and had no problems at all.
I got the micro sd card from somewhere else tho as was cheaper.
DX is good but there is about a 3 week wait to get stuff as they ship from HK but i've never had a problem
cheers for all the help guys
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