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Found 10th Apr 2007
A friend of mine is getting married in cyprus next year and has asked me to look for some good deals for him. Does anybody know of a good hotel for around 20 guests from 1 year olds to 65 year olds where they could get married. They would prefer to go all inclusive. Also does anybody know the legalities of getting married in Cyprus?
Thanks very much for your help.
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as title looking for an instore (currys, richersounds etc..) LCD HDTV for playing the xbox360 :thinking:

Any help appreciated
Cyprus has quite a few lovely hotels for weddings, any idea of whereabouts in Cyprus they want to be? July and August tend to be really hot, I have been to Cyprus at the beginning of September and the weather was fantastic.

When I was a travel agent I booked a few weddings in Cyprus for clients, a lot of tour operators offer weddings in Cyprus and it is really easy to organise through an operator.

There are also a few wedding planning companies based in Cyprus [url]www.cyprusdreamweddings.com[/url] is a pretty good site with loads of info. The legalities of getting married in Cyprus are below

Rest assured that it is not a problem for UK citizens to marry in Cyprus and that the marriage will be perfectly legal in the UK. However, according to Cyprus law, before the marriage can proceed you must meet the following legal requirements:

• Be resident for a minimum of three working days (excluding weekends, public holidays and the day of arrival) before the wedding day. It is not now compulsory to have to stay a minimum of two weeks but for your enjoyment, it is highly recomended.

• Have valid ten-year passports not due to expire within six months, plus photocopies of all pages relating to the personal information contained therein.

• Each have your own Single Status Statutory Declaration confirming that you are free to get married. These must include your name, address, nationality, religion, passport number and occupation; state whether single, divorced or widowed; that you intend to marry in Cyprus; and be signed and stamped by a UK solicitor, stating ‘solicitor’ on the document. Scottish nationals should obtain a Certificate of No Impediment from the local registry office in place of the Declaration.

• Have a copy of the decree absolute if divorced and, if Catholic, a copy of the marriage enulment.

• Have a copy of the death certificate if widowed.

• Proof of parental consent if under 18, stamped and signed by a solicitor.

• Proof of name change by Deed Poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor.

• Birth certificates.

• Adoption certificates if adopted.

Hope this helps
Are also looking at getting married in Cyprus next year. Worth going to the travel agents and picking up some wedding package brochures. They have loads of info inside and some great ideas. We went to Cyprus a couple of years ago and stopped at the stgeorge-hotel.com/. Great venue plus the GMTV wedding is going to be there or has been there so has to be good...:)
we stayed at adams beach, nissi beach, pure luxury :-D

we stayed at adams beach, nissi beach, pure luxury :-D

yes it is beautiful, would recomend too!!:thumbsup:
I got Married in Ayia Napa in September 2004, and can recomend Medweds for the arrangements. They handled everything out there sorted out the legal side of things. They even put our wedding photos on there website....

Oh and forgot top mention we stayed in the Nestor hotel which was great. Its set in a nice quite location but its only about a 10 minute walk to the square if you want the pubs and clubs.
Thanks for all your help guys. I will pass the info on to my mate and let them have a look at the hotels. We are planning to go in may. Does anybody know what the weather is like at that time of year?
amathus or four seasons hotel in limassol are the best in the area

expensive though!!!
Weather is pretty much lush, all year round. And even more scorching hot july/august.
i have just got back from my sisters wedding in paphos last week, she got married in the town hall and we stayed in the hotel riu cypria bay


we booked with thomas cook and organised a few things from over here but they gave us a wedding planner who helped organise things over there, like the meal.

there seemed to be quite a few people getting married who were staying in our hotel. if you need to ask me anything about it then fire away
Thanks mightyreds. is there an option for having the wedding in the hotel in the riu or do you have to do it in the town hall? I have stayed in a riu hotel and they are a great chain.
Also does anybody know the vheapest way to book the holiday. Would it be the whole group as one or each family book seperate? Also any ideas on the cheapest sites to book?
I know its a lot of questions but I'm really grateful for all your help. Thanks a million!!!!!!
If you book it as a group then it can work out cheaper, most tour operators offer discounts such as free places for groups. The number of free places depends on the number of adults travelling, the number required can vary from operator to operator.

Pay a local travel agent a visit and ask them to quote for the group. The main operators like Thomas Cook will be putting their holidays for summer 2008 on sale in the next week or so. It's not always cheaper to book online, high street agents can often beat online prices. With something as special as a wedding I would recommend booking through an agent as you then have the same point of contact, in conjunction with the tour operators wedding co-ordinator they will work to ensure that your friend gets everything required for the big day.

As I said the first edition summer 2008 brochures will be out very soon, these are the cheapest prices available, everytime they reissue the brochure (up to 4 editions a year) the price goes up.
Hi. I got married in Paphos last June 2006. We stayed at the Avanti Hotel (4*) and were married at St Georges Church. I would highly recommend the Paphos area as this is very much geared to weddings. All the large hotels seemed great, but check location as Paphos is very spread out. St Georges Hotel is with sea view but miles from anywhere. All wedding venues ie churches and town hall were great places. We booked through Direct Holidays as we wanted to deal with one company, but they sub business out to third party companies so I would not be put off going direct to any other companies (ie cyprusdreamweddings) they even helped us, even though we booked through Direct.
Three points to note was first few days where taken up on legal stuff ie visit to town hall to check documentation, meeting with flowers, hair & nails, hotel manager over food (we had ours in hotel) and wedding co-ordinator a couple of days before wedding (this lasted most of morning), we have two small children and fortunately 13 guests to help out.
Second point is "Single Status Statutory Declaration" from solicitor. Nobody would give exact information on what it was required to say. Legal requirement vary from country to country and change. Direct Holidays did draft up something & solicitor made some input plus we added anything we could think of.
Third if you are getting married next May book Hotel and Wedding Venue now. It is very busy especially St Georges Church as it was featured on GMTV just after we booked. This also gets you a good wedding time ie late afternoon when its not so hot.
We spent 2 weeks in the sunshine and never saw a cloud. Just check last years weather for Cyprus. May to September hotter then hell.

Once again Highly Recommend Paphos, Cyprus for Wedding.

Any more help required please let me know
Thanks alot again. All the information you have given to me , I have passed on to my mate and he was very grateful.
Thanks again.
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