D-Link DSL-2740B (Parental Control) Test

    Please see below


    see what?

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    If anyone on here is using the above modem/router and uses an xbox 360 over live. Can you log into your modem and under parental control enter and tick the box to block all days (easier to test) ... It should then block anyone from using the games on facebook but leave facebook use OK.

    However if you were then to try an play an xbox game that requires an update it will start but it will hang then error out with check your connection etc. Im just wondering if it's firmware specific to the dlink my Firmware Version : EU_DSL-2740B_3.06L.04V_2.28.A2pB022g.d20e

    Removing xbox live updates work again. It could actually be if you enter any website address into the parental control causes the 360 issue. (just about to test that now)


    Edit it's any website you block in there also blocks xbox live updates :lol well done Dlink.

    It might be only in this firmware so if anyone that uses this modem could please check, thanks again.
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    see what?

    Put xbox into dmz maybe... if it's facebook games accessed via pc you want to block.

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    why would I want to put any dhcp assigned ip into the dmz and even more so when I have more than 1 xbox 360 on live at the same time, you can only ever enter 1 ip into the dmz. That is assuming I was stupidly/desperate enough to want to open every single port to the outside world on my router to the hardware associated with the ip in the dmz, fair enough it's a 360 in this instance so not as vulnerable as a pc would be*

    Anyways it won't work. As the parental/ctrl overrides it.

    I'm waiting on dlink support --which is pretty bad tbh--- The hoops you have to go through to register for support is comical, then youhave to wait to get an Id and then have their website security crash. Then when you get your id it's expired. :lol

    Hoping dlink will have a beta firmware, or I'll just flash it to a netegear dg834n with horrid upnp support, then maybe to dgteam firmware or as a last resort flash to a belkin.

    thanks though.

    sounds annoying. I have a belkin router but no xbox would've tested how it goes otherwise.

    didn't know you could flash these things with different vendor firmwares, i'm sure you'll find a fix in that case.

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    I thought I had the latest firmware on the dlink but have found a few newer ones and a beta one. Still the same.though. I'm not really that bothered other than the fact that using parental controls should not be doing this. ( I was only testing this feature out)

    Firmwares are interchangeable with the correct process and not something you can do with any old modem/router. I'd be lost without google. Or the internet.

    Thanks again.

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