D900 vs D900i

    Further to my phone thread the other day.. the w380i has now gone up a tenner so i turn to samsung to provide me with a new portable telecommunications device.

    I can get a D900 for £40 delivered. (Orange)

    I can get a D900I For £59.99 delivered with £10 airtime after quidco (Voda)

    Is the d900i worth the extra?


    payg voda is good but reception is flaky.
    Between the phones think the difference is that the 'i' has a radio.

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    Yeh the i has a radio and the glossy screen edge.

    Just wondering is it worth it

    I take it you're getting pay as you go....
    Vodafone payg is better then orange payg.
    Orange contract is better then voda contract.

    So go for vodafone, it will save you money in the long term :thumbsup:

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    I'll be getting it unlocked, have £80 tesco credit.

    In that case it all depends on whether a radio and a glossy screen edge are worth an extra £20 to you personally. Or an extra £10 since you'll be £10 airtime...?

    D900 closed

    D900 open


    imo the 'i' is worth the extra £10. Looks a hell of a lot better!

    Ive got the D900i, love it, looks alot better than the D900. Got mine for like £60 brand new. Go for that

    my 'i' looks exactly the same as my 900 did. only thing i cant get the 'i' to do is show me the time digitally when pressing the volume button with the phone shut

    Go D900i. Looks better and for £10 less? (with airtime)
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