Found 8th Dec 2009
I'm looking for a dab alarm clock radio to have on my bedside table - so it needs to be pretty small and I don't want to plug my mp3 player in to it. I have one at the moment but it is so bright I have to cover it with a handkerchief which sort of defeats the object.
I like the look of this one…auo

but I am worried it may fill the whole room with an orange glow...
Does anyone have one, the reviews seem to say it is OK but I'd like a proper hotukdeals honest opinion!
Alternatively if anyone knows of something similar that would fit the bill I'd appreciate details....will REP you all.....


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Thanks for that but does it act as an alarm clock, I can't see that in the reviews....but I have had a couple of glasses of wine ...have REPed you :thumbsup:

My bad. Didn't read post properly.
How about ]this with 3 year guarantee and free 5 day delivery.

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Ahhh, now that looks dimming too. Good price, funny I hadn't thought of John Lewis at al! It won't let me REP you again but will as soon as I am able. Thanks again :thumbsup:
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