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    Hiya, looking for a deal on a DAB car radio, anyone got any suggestions?


    My first suggestion would be not to use DAB car audio - but as an alternative...…asp

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    Why would you suggest not to use DAB car audio?


    Why would you suggest not to use DAB car audio?

    My own experience (my daughter has a DAB car unit) has been unsatisfactory with the signal too often obstructed. I am also frustrated generally by the poor quality of DAB broadcasts and the revision in standards that will render existing equipment obselete.

    For home use Internet Radio is far superior. I have no direct experience but satellite broadcasting looks a more likely longer term option for in car use - already popular in the US.

    There is one here for £40 delivered…-GB

    No idea about the quality (hmm . . . Goodmans)!!
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