Found 13th Aug 2009
Hi guys,

Is there any phones which have DAB radio on them?

Even better is there anyone who knows how to listen to internet radio on a Nokia N70?



Power, DAB is grossly inefficient compared to a old analogue FM radio, I bought two Bush Radios from littlewood @ £15/each 3 years ago thanks to HUKD, one on power, one on battery for the bathroom, I need to recharge them every week, cumbersome and annoying, analogue FM on the other hand lasted nearly two months.

I expect just as analogue TV will be turned off, so will some AM/MW/FM spectrums in time, where they will go I don't know, but DAB+ should be alot more powerful and once fully accepted will mean devices can pick it up including mobiles.

IMO it's too little too late, by the time this is popular, everyone will have 4G capable mobiles and will expect MP3 quality streams from spotify etc.


I'll just answer the question then shall I, rather than just opinionated ranting.

There is 1 single DAB phone - the Virgin Lobster 700TV. The TV stuff no longer works, but the DAB radio works great. It's a windows mobile device too, and although ugly looking, its not bad as a phone either.

I may sell mine one day, as i only use it as a portable DAB radio now!

Hey, this is misc, it's all about over righteous ranting
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