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    DAB Radio. Is it has good as its cracked up to be? Or is it crap? Is it true that some stations have now given up on Digital transmission. What your verdict?


    Well as with everything digital its good or **** same applies to DAB. I use it and like it but get a good signal.

    Once you have this you will NEVER go back ! ...... BRILLIANT


    Once you have this you will NEVER go back ! ...... BRILLIANT

    agreed but obviously its dependant on reception in your area

    I was kinda hesitant with how good it could be. But its actually turned out pretty good. Just a shame that most of the DAB Radios are expensive

    Dab is good if you've got reception. Unfortuneately its not clear where its going net in development it could end up another betamax or the best thing since sliced bread- who knows, you pay your money and take your choices

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    Thanks to ( kelly_o_fanatic ). Link to Daiy Mail article very interesting.

    I love my digital radio but only get one station - thankfully its my favourite one!!

    We recently got a little DAB radio for the kitchen was under £30.00, brilliant - many stations which previously couldn't get now can and crystal clear to boot!

    Recomend :thumbsup:

    I love DAB, although sadly where I live now doesn't get reception. I mainly like it to be able to listen to the sports which otherwise are only on longwave, and radio 7. I have had to get an internet radio instead, and that's amazing, although it was expensive.
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