DAB radios

    Does anyone have one?? Are they good, i heard that they might be going down the hd-dvd route/betamax.

    I like the look of the maple pure ones with the blue backlit screen are these good?



    I have a Roberts Gemini 46 (White plastic... jumped on the Apple bandwagon in terms of styling). Wasn't intending on buying one but rec'd as a present for Xmas. Find it really good. Excellent choice of stations (obviously depends on where you are in the country as to what you get). Pure are a decent make I think. Heard rumours that some stations are considering pulling the plug due to low listening numbers/high costs but nothing concrete.
    Certainly recommend buying one in my opinion.

    i have one, got it thru here for a tenner. still worth buying one now as the sound is much better, just make sure your in a good signal area. rumors suggest that and upgraded signal is in development and will require a different radio. but thats a long time off yet.

    yeah i use a dab and its a lot better than fm or am i got mine dirt cheap and its almost cd quality:whistling:

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    thanks guys, do any of you know where i can get a cheap pure one from?

    I bought one of these…spx from my local store and it basically does everything it says on the tin!

    PURE wooden cased are about the best you'll find (& they are blooming good) the upgrades they offer via the usb port were on their radios YEARS ago! good service support.

    I have "a few" of the pure range ..& one roberts, the only reason I keep the roberts is it would be a waste to throw it away! ....DAB is here to stay, the uptake figures are very good now! ..tremendous bit of kit!
    I have 3 sonus 1xt (talking version) ..also good for old / blind & partially sighted people (still got backlit display alarm functions etc)

    The bug, the bug too (with revu & memory card recording capability)
    THAT roberts rd-25 vibrating piece of crud! ..distorts easily!

    ..some kind person listed the bug too at £20 in toys are us this week, highly recommended unit! quirky & backlit large display by wayne hemingway, I bought 4 as presents for my friends slow to move onto dab or just a bit reluctant at the price.
    As an ex sound engineer the pure range positively excel in my books, esp the wooden wrapped chassis's
    ..plastic chassis / cabinets are tonally much looseer sound wise .. BUT it all depends on what you've been used to listening to & on what beforehand, for instance my office stereo kit was around £7000+ 10 years ago (industry, so alot of choice)
    if in doubt go look at the pure dab radio website & speak to a tech guy! ..very helpful.
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