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    ok, so i just got a new DAB system for £25 its a hitachi shelf system AX-M131U... now i get nearly all of the DAB stations except the one that i want (typical ey) [BYW it's virgen radio] is there any way to boost it... it has an external arial connection think its called a f-connection??? (its the same connection type that a sky box has if that helps) any ideas on how to boost my signal??? i have seen ariels on other *sites* but i dont know if i can just by it and plug it in or will i need some wires etc???? any help welcome



    Some people say something metal and meshy helps with wireless signals, not sure how different the digital radio waves are. but if you have a sieve or colander give it a go :thumbsup:

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    wotha try i suppose

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    that didnt work.... thanks for trying though..... any other ideas people

    put the ariel up ya back side.

    How about connecting a good external DAB antenna into the back of the unit?

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    how would i got about doing that???

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    does anyone think that this might help

    sorry for posting an ebay link... but it the only one i found…BSS
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