DAB/FM Radio recomendations

    I am looking to buy a DAB/FM radio for the kitchen, currently looking at PURE ONE £39
    any others to look at ?

    Can you recommend ?



    Original Poster


    I have this … I have this one....

    looks ok but only works on mains ! thanks !


    You not have electricity in your kitchen?

    I find the battery ones drive you mad as your constantly buying batteries.…htm

    this one looks allright and try picking up a cheap acoustic solutions one - look nice and cheap.

    Thought this was a good one and its sony bargain for the price ]http//ww…htm

    try asda. we had one for 6 months then sumat happend to it in our moving house so tuk it back with receipt and just swapped it . they consistently good if things go wrong. and the dab radio good, never had any usage issues with it . cost £30 i think ?
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