DAB/MP3 Walkman?

    Hi peeps,

    I'm looking at a new car which comes with an AUX port to plug in an MP3 player or similar.

    My main aim is to get a DAB radio to plug into this, im not overly fussed about any MP3 storage as the head unit also plays MP3 CD's.

    Ideally I want...

    Walkman size DAB radio w/2gb or more MP3 memory.
    Walkman size DAB radio w/out any memory.

    I can find DAB/MP3 radios with like 256mb of MP3 memory but thats pointless in my book.

    Anyone any ideas?

    I cant even find a viable option, let alone a good deal on one!



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    Anyone guys?


    How about this mobile phone from Virgin. Has DAB radio, Dab TV and MP3 player. It takes MicroSD cards as well:…252

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    Wow. Great start!!

    The Argos one looks good for the price, mainly I want DAB and the MP3 playback is a bonus.

    Often they seem to be like £100 or more with only 256mb of Memory.

    I would be happy to pay say, £100 if it had 4gb of RAM.

    As for this one at £42.99, I will deffo have that one if we cant find a larger one (be it slightly more)

    Thanks again!

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