Dabs returns

    My motherboard's knackered, and I apparently have to wait between four and six weeks for them to do anything about it, such are their returns terms.

    Anyone returned anything to them and found the service any faster?


    Try contacting the manufacturer and see what they say?

    On a broken motherboard I would expect that once they have received it back and they have one in stock you will be sent it out so I would say a week.

    Original Poster

    Spoken to the manufacturer, they say to go to Dabs. Hnrrrg.

    Was it an OEM board? If not the MF should sort it.

    My colleague had to return a DOA HDD last week an replacement was shipped same day, but I guess if its a warranty repair (not faulty on arrival) it may take longer. Motherboards take longer to test than most other items I guess also.
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