Dabs so called customer service

    Has anyone had a particularly bad experience with or is it just me??


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    Ordered a TV on the 10th, turned up, bit of a extra tape on the box than usual but thought nothing of it.
    opened it, the bezel has come away, power button is missing (not even in the box loose) and scratch underneath. obviously second hand
    arranged for a return, at first stated no replacement would be issued, only a refund. eventually got them to agree to issue a replacement so ups came to collect it on the 14th.
    Well i have still not received my replacement, they say ups have not returned it, ups say it was sent on monday, they have the TV i ordered and paid for in stock but won't issue it until they receive the old one back!! none of which is my fault!!
    Their customer service is non existant and i am constantly chasing them up for an update.
    For a company owned by BT the lack of a phone number is shocking!!

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    totally agree. That was the worst bit...only the live help thing. I have … totally agree. That was the worst bit...only the live help thing. I have never ordered from them again. Bunch of Jokers

    Once this is all sorted (hopefully it will be!!) i will never buy from them again either and would advise others to steer clear too!!:x

    Bunch of shysters.

    Got my nice new Panasonic Plasma - bought from them as they were offering an additional 4yr warranty for half price.

    TV arrived but they are still "waiting stock" for the extended warranty. WAITING STOCK!!! What a bunch of muppets - its is an insurance policy, I would imagine their company has an infinite amount of them!!!

    My gripe- their 4 year guarantee induced my sale. I nearly bought from House of Frazer.

    Lesson learned, plase take head fellow dealsters:

    Never be seduced by DABs' keen prices, you may be lucky and get what you want 95% of their customers do, but if you fall into that 5% unfortunate category you will:

    1) Be faced with emailing the company who will respond in 3 days and will typically "look into it" then fob you off, then go silent

    2) Their phone number is non existant

    3) their website claims they have a live chat facility. It is NEVER on so forget about that

    End result?

    Total frustration at their blanking. They are a complete bunch of *&$£s. Stay well away - pay an extra 5% elsewhere as DABS do not want to know you as soon as your card has cleared the funds.

    Very bad way to do business - PS, let friends know about this too.
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