Dabs Used Stock List - Anyone used?


    I'm looking at something on the dabs used stock list (returns / repairs etc) and was wondering if anyone had any experience of buying products from the list?

    Any advice gratefully received.




    bought a mega cheap 32" hd tv tv a few years ago and it came as described without accesories (didn't even have a plug) but worked fine and is still going strong today so I can't complain but I suppose you pay your money and take your chance. I've got no idea what they'd be like if something went wrong though.

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    Well I took the plunge and bought a lovely 23" monitor. Arrived with what looked like 2 dead pixel lines (top to bottom) so I rang them and arranged collection. I left it hooked up as it was workable, and used it for the rest of the day. When I got into the office the next morning, I switched it on and it was working perfectly. Very odd, but I'm pretty chuffed to be honest.

    Shhhh don't tell anyone, but dabs used stock is mega deals... i've made a good £500+ buying and selling used stuff from dabs on ebay. Always list the items as used and full honest discription, just don't mention my 'suppliers' name... 90% of the things I bought for myself from dabs (~£800 total) are used stock items, just watch those little icon discriptions of weather it comes with acc, is functioal etc when ever an item i've recieved is not as discribed dabs have always taken it back for full refund, has happened 2 or three times, once or twice it was for something small like it didn't come with all acc, like was missing a cable or something but never for not working at all. It looks like though they may not be continuing this method of selling, I watch the used stock items very closely and no new used stock listing have been coming on recently. shame if they do.
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