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    My mom brought my car for me on finance its a Dacia Sandero I pay her the finance each month, she's now looking to replace her car for a cheaper finance option. Could she get a deal? I'm looking at the duster as she wants my car ad she's in the city and I'm rural and the finance is only a year old on the Sandero. What's best she's looked at a skoda but I think it's to much for such an ugly looking car, she got a seat Ibiza atm


    A lot of car finance companies will insist that if a person already has finance on a car that they settle it before they will give them a finance deal on another car.

    Obviously there are exceptions, such as people on extremely high incomes, but that's from my experience working in the trade a few years ago.

    If the finance company make an issue of it just explain why there are 2 loans just explain the situation. If that that does not sort just go to a different dealer/ finance company. Have you considered a bank loan.

    she has probably made her life difficult in getting a good second finance deal due to her funding your car..
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