Dacia Sandero, Dacia Duster, Dacia Logan MCV dual fuel powertrain models now available to order in UK

Posted 16th Jun 2020
Now here's a thing.....

Car manufacturer Dacia begins selling a new dual-fuel powertrain today, making it the only mainstream manufacturer to offer new cars that run on both petrol and LPG (liquid petroleum gas).

LPG versions of the Dacia Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV models are now available, badged TCe 100 Bi-Fuel. All are powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged dual-fuel powertrain and look identical to their petrol and diesel equivalents. LPG engine-running gives 100 bhp versus 90 bhp on petrol. LPG l has greater torque at 170 Nm/2,000 rpm vs Petrol engine: 160 Nm/2,700 rpm.

Prices start at £9145 for the Sandero Essential Bi-Fuel, while the Duster Essential Bi-Fuel is priced at £13,195. For this engineering, that is the essence of this deal. Dacia has offered LPG as an option in Europe for several years, and claims that one-third of all Dacia models in Italy are LPG-powered. Servicing and maintenance intervals identical to standard petrol models with the same three-year, 60,000-mile warranty.

A button on the dashboard switches from the petrol to LPG fuel tanks, offering a combined range of up to 620 miles. The steel LPG tank is mounted in place of the spare wheel, meaning boot space is unaffected.

Dacia says that in the Sandero, the smallest model, the new engine shaves nine per cent off of previous emissions. The Duster sees an 11 per cent drop in CO2 emissions, with up to 2.4 tonnes CO2 saving over a four-year period

The manufacturer claims that a Sandero Stepway Bi-Fuel could save the average driver around £594 per year, with UK LPG prices currently around half that of petrol and diesel. 1400 fuel stations in the UK currently sell LPG.

Total combined fuel capacity is 84 litres. The LPG tank is 38 litres. So most shorter journeys can be under LPG and therefore significantly cheaper.

The link is to Dacia's in depth description of the technology and engineering.
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