Dad wants a new digital camera - budget £80max

    Looking for something under £80 with minimum 2.5" screen.
    Don't care how many megapix, rather have quality and simplicity.
    He will probably just point and shoot in auto mode so any fancy features are a waste of time.
    Prefer SD cards as he has them from old broken camera.
    Doesn't have computer/printer so will take card into shop to print.


    Looks like this could do the job nicely

    10.2 megapixels, lots of goodies and all delivered for under 60 quid


    If you REALLY wanna save some pennies

    Have a look in the Fuji Refurbished shop. I've just bought a Z100fd delivered for just over £70. It looks like new. There's a 5% off voucher on HUKD - just search for fujifilm in vouchers.

    Just a personal opinion, but I wouldn't touch a Samsung with a bargepole. I've had a Samsung camera and a Samsung phone and they've both been dreadful. My old Fuji camera is still going strong after 4 years - I just wanted a new one. ;-)

    I Would Say Try Argos They Usually Have Some Brill Deals !!
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