Daewoo fridge freezer any good?

Found 30th Jan
I am looking at replacing my fridge and freezer.... although I love American style lack of space puts me off.

I came across this which fits the bill

have anyone got a Daewoo fridge freezer that's not American style?
any advise is greatly appreciated.
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I don't have one but my recommendation is to not buy one with a water dispenser on it unless it's one of those that are plumbed in. Reason is, they take up so much space on the door and it's a pain in the ass to re-fill all of the time, plus large glasses can't fit in the hole when filling up. I regret getting one!

I much prefer just keeping a 2 litre bottle of tap water in the fridge door, so much easier.
Owned a Daewoo US style F/F since 2009. Its still in mint condition mechanically and aesthetically.

Paid £499 from Currys
Original Poster
Thanx for your honest opinion and reviews
Went ahead to order one. Hopefully I will have as great experience
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