daffers, one of our oldest and nicest members isn't well :(

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One of our oldest and nicest members, daffers, isn't well She's in hospital and is having a bit of a rough time of it after having a hip replacement last Friday.

If anyone wants to leave her any get well messages here, I'm sure it will perk her up when she gets online again

Even better, if anyone wants to send her a card, the details can be found in this post


Please join me in saying

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I've just been on to the hospital and they said she's a lot better today, they said she's sat up in bed and seems to be a lot more lively so hopefully she's on the mend.

I've told the nurse who any cards for daffers are meant for

Thanks to everyone for you messages
It's official!

Ambulance is booked for tomorrow afternoon so hopefully we'll see her tomorrow evening

Nurse said she's absolutely fine
Have a bed ready for the postman as his sack is heavy with all the cards for daffers


Wishing you a speedy recovery daffers.
Wishing you a speedy recovery daffers.
Already sent daffers a card deeky

Wishing daffers a speedy recovery and we all miss her on JHT
Although I personally have never spoken to her, I've seen her around and she seems lovely. So I'll be hoping you get well soon
How comes she doesn’t have any badges on her profile? Get well soon!
Psst. Deek. The link doesn’t bring the address up for the hospital.


Oh and Happy Birthday Daffers.

I think.

All the best daffers ?
and speed back to us miss you
Get well soon Daffers, hope you're up and around again soon!
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Thinking of you Daffers ?


Get well soon Daffers
get well soon Daffers

Well that's just sad news. I hope you get well soon, daffers.
Back to full heath daffers
back to
and the non alcoholic mostly for yours ?

Hi daffers
you will soon find the benefit of this op..spoken from someone who knows xx
Card on it's way daffers xx
Get well soon Daffers.
Rock on daffers

fuk it daffers all sodding best
These guys where amazing
Get well soon Daffers!.
Get well soon daffers,I wish you a speedy and painless recovery!
Daffers in late Springtime .....


33307499-jn8F8.jpgwhy not ?

To one of the most inspirational lady’s ever, get well soon daffers

get well now daffers

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Get well soon! @duffers
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Biddy26 h, 4 m ago

Psst. Deek. The link doesn’t bring the address up for the hospital. ( …Psst. Deek. The link doesn’t bring the address up for the hospital. https://www.hotukdeals.com/comments/permalink/33305897

Thanks for that biddles. I don't know how that happened, it kinda makes the thread pointless

Fixed it now and details are here for anyone who wanted to send a card

@daffers , hope you are feeling much better soon x
I hope you recover quickly daffers, all the best
33308112-pcbSP.jpgSending love @daffers
Is she your only daughter deek?
Really sorry to hear this, get well soon @daffers , wishing you a speedy recovery xx
Get well soon Daffers. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
This’ll never do, @daffers - your JHT needs you. Hope you’re soon on the mend lovely lady - thinking of you and card on its way. xx
Hope you’re feeling a bit better each day and you’ll soon be running about xxxxxxx
I’ve sent a card to greet you when you get home!
Oh @daffers ... I'm sending my love n best wishes to you. Im sorry I didn't ask why you were going into hospital just before you went in for your operation. I just didn't want to pry if you wanted to keep it personal. Anyway I hope your healing as quick as possible and are feeling back to yourself soon xx

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