Daft Question , Is it possible to sell on my PSN account with games, it has funds and a current PS+ Sub

Posted 4th Jan 2016
Hi , Daft question I know , But I am thinking of selling my PS4......But Is it possible to sell on my PSN account separately ? it has around 5 good games on the account and I have funds on there and a current PS+ account....Of course I would remove my credit card details , change the password and associate a new email address with it etc......just wondering if that is allowed ?!?!
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No, PSN accounts are non-transferable.
people sell accounts all the time, allowed or not is kinda irrelevant. You're basically selling the games you have on the account. People will use their own account but set yours as primary on their console. They can then play all your games. The credit won't add much value but still a bonus. What stuff do you have on it? The main issue is the original account holder can always reclaim the account so there is a risk. Not sure how much of the contact details can be changed. But the original email is used to reclaim accounts even if you changed it later I believe. Still if the person who buys it doesn't delete the games or account off their ps4 they get to play the games via their account even if you reclaim yours. What games are on it?
There is 115 in credit, around 30 games, bf4 premium edition, latest destiny plus bloodborn and Dlc deal would include 2 physical games latest destiny and original blood borne disc plus remaining psplus of around 4 months.
hmm that's a tricky one. I can't see anyone risking paying for all that credit when you could easily reclaim it all. You're better off finding someone you know who trusts you. Or maybe you could agree with a buyer to purchase games with the credit for them. Either way it's a lot of money for someone to risk. 1 game for £20 is one thing, and I don't even trust those. When you're talking £100s it's a bit too much of a risk.
I was thinking the buyer could request the game purchases before I sell them the account , I have spotted a forum or 2 that trade in accounts....so we shall see , just a shame to sell my ps4 and have a redundant PSN account....
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