Daily cash withdrawal limit abroad on Nationwide debit card..? ANSWER £300

Found 21st Mar 2008
Can't get an answer to this online and banks closed! Anyone know what the daily cash withdrawal limit is on a Nationwide debit card abroad? I know it might vary from account to account but an idea would be good as need to withdraw max amount cash in Morocco over the next 4 days.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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£300 i think.
Could their helpline be open,get the number off your bank card and phone up. Usually most peoples atm limit here is £300 per day so maybe it be least that or a bit more. I wouldn't think anything past £500 surely for reasons to protect you should you have your card cloned or whatever.
Definitely £300
]Free card use abroad
Did you know we are the only high street provider that offers free card use abroad?

Some competitors charge up to 2.75% for conducting purchases and withdrawing cash abroad. See how much you could save with our ]Overseas Usage Calculator.

I used this in Seville and even when the cash machine wanted to charge, it didn't.
The best thing is using the card, you get the interbank rate which is better than changing money over, a lot better.
call up nationwide and get a marker put on ur account to say you are going to be abroad and between which dates, last thing you want is for a freeze to be put on your account while your away
Thank you all! Rep being spread around now! :thumbsup:
It's the same there as it is here. Whatever you have your debit limit set to for withdrawels here is your limit anywhere.
Yes think it is £300

Nationwide Savings & Debit Cards @ £250 a day

Thats my limit anyway (Nationwide)
it is £300, I have a Flex account
taken from the nationwide website
]What is the maximum I can withdraw from my account per day?
Cash machines
As long as you have enough in your account you can withdraw up to £300 in any one day.

You can withdraw up to £500 per day at your local branch, as long as you have the funds in your account or an authorised overdraft. If you require more than £500, please give your branch a minimum of 48 hours notice (requests may take up to 72 hours - we recommend checking with your branch in advance). For Cash withdrawals over £500 you will need to present one piece of ID (either your passport or driving licence (with paper counterpart)).

Post Office
You can withdraw up to £300 in cash at any Post Office branch by presenting your card

£250Nationwide Savings & Debit Cards @ £250 a dayThats my limit anyway ( … £250Nationwide Savings & Debit Cards @ £250 a dayThats my limit anyway (Nationwide)

see my post
Mines £250 : D
Thanks again everyone, esp. warmapplepie (makes me hungry typing that) for the link to NW FAQ's. Not sure why some people's acounts seem to be diiferent but this link seems clear that it's £300 for a Flex Account. Perhaps it has changed or something... Anyway, I'll budget for £250 but try £300!
withdraw some before you leave, dont forget they reset details around midnight, so you could take 300 before and 300 just after giving you 600 in a few minutes. then go to the bank when u get there
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