DAILY MIRROR ; Grand National: Print off your own sweepstake kit here

Found 4th Apr 2008
Grand National: Print off your own sweepstake kit here

Its the biggest race of the year.

The John Smiths Grand National the greatest test of human and equine skill and stamina in the sporting calendar.

And more importantly, the chance to win a few quid off friends and colleagues!

Of course tomorrows race wouldnt be any fun without the Daily Mirror Grand National Sweepstake Kit as big a national institution as rail strikes, lousy cricket and football teams and rain.

You can download and the print off your sweepstake kit here or you can do your office sweepstake online here.

The 40 horses listed along with their latest Paddy Power odds are the final list of runners. There are four reserves in case of non-runners.

They must be announced this morning, so check tomorrows brilliant Grand National pull-out to check there are no changes to the line-up. Now for the science bit.

Pay attention or it could all go wrong. Cut out the names of the horses below and put them into a

Get friends, family and workmates to put in a pound to pick a horse note down who gets which
in the panel on the left.

Once all the horses are gone, the pot is £40.

Now, you could do a runner, but its the healthy option to hang around and hand out the money to the winners.

How about £25 for the winner, a tenner for second, £4 for the third and give the final pound back to
the person with the fourth?

Now sit back and enjoy all the action from Aintree tomorrow afte

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