Daily Rate for Bathroom Installers

Found 11th Oct 2017
Anyone here had a bathroom fitted and able to advise what they paid for labour as a daily rate?
I know most tradesmen won't itemise their bill, but I'm trying to figure out what a decent installer might charge for their labour so I can negotiate a little better.
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All depends on where you live. Expect anything from £150-300 per man per day. But at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Thing is as well with a bathroom problems with pipes can soon add days on
I found that they quote according to size of property. As the previous comment it really depends on area you live in and the rate appears in line with what I have experienced.
Mates rates £120 to €130 day. Stranger rates £160 to £170 depends where you live. However to give you an idea to have a bathroom done top to bottom plus rubbish removal expect to pay £2k upwards plus matetials.
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Only thing really to add to previous comments is in reference to your 'negotiate a little better' comment, sometimes negotiating a little better simply means the installer will either cut corners or use inferior products, thus his overall profit is the same but you think you're getting a better deal...

Best to have 3 or 4 quotes in and you will gauge from the quote and your discussions with them who to use.
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