Daily Updated Map of every Public Toilet Open for Use

Posted 13th Jul 2020
Its not a deal as such but to a lot of people its a Big Deal. Many are struggling at the minute while out and about to find a toilet to use. For themselves or kids etc so i thought this would be very useful for everyone in the country.

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    I just zoomed in on the map and then click on the icons and they give you the exact address
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    Enter a postcode and get: 'Your form has encountered a problem. Please scroll down to review'
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    Also if you click on the square in the top right of the map it opens it in Google Maps for you
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    Thanks for posting this melamino. I had to walk all the way back home after picking up my brother from the station last week as I was busting to go the loo after meeting him. I even chanced my luck asking in Waitrose though as you can imagine their toilets are still all locked up, so the shop assistant had to decline my request.

    At least now I know which places are open and happy for us using their toilets, so no need to head back home if needing the loo urgently next time.
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