Daily: Win a Koala with cushelle

Found 18th Mar 2010
Win a Koala.

we're giving away 100 koala soft toys every day! Just enter your email address and sign up to receive further updates from Cushelle. Then simply try and find the koala hiding behind one of the Cushelle rolls - you've got five guesses each day.


thanks tried and did not win will try again tomorrow....

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Good luck :thumbsup:

Already won one a few days ago, waiting for it to arrive.

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Well done JediMaster. I'm going to keep trying :-) let us know if you get one


Yay - I won a koala for me... er the kids :-)

Cheers, no koala for me this time!!!:-(

been trying for a week or so, nothing yet

I have won one


Thanks for posting.

WHOOPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I've won one, my 1st win out of all these competitions, I'll never be rich, I do love Koalas though, I hope he's got a pretty face lol

No Joy for me. If the competition was to win toilet roll, I'd have won 5.

Sadly no koala http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/6974/monkeycoverseyes.gif

finally won one

Won one :-D thank you,,,H&R added. :thumbsup:


yay i won a koala thankyou

been trying for 3 weeks - nada

dd goes on 1st time and wins:-D

thanks op h & r

way to go cuzzy - ian and all

Did anyone receive their Koala?

Woohoo... the Koalas arrived this morning.

Some weeks ago I actually won a koala. Gave my details but have never received it. Perhaps it emigrated back to Australia.||||
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