Dairy free - cheaper alternatives to specially produced products

    Not a deal but could save the few of us that have to shop for dairy free items some cash by highlighting cheaper alternatives. I know I'm far from the only one with a child with a dairy allergy - and I'm sure there may be a few "big kids" out there that may find it useful too.

    Just thought a thread that highlights "standard" items that are dairy free might be useful for some? It costs a fortune shopping in the "free from" or equivalent aisles. Though check it out before you buy - products can and do change. Ta.

    For example,

    Tesco value bourbon biscuits
    McVities Light digestives
    Tesco Low Fat Garlic Bread
    Morrison Garlic and Tomato Pizza Bread (not often you get cheese free)
    Tesco Low Salt Gracy Granules

    Hope this helps someone.


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    Oh and the one I was so happy when I discovered - Asda own Jaffa cakes.

    It does say on the box "not suitable for people with a dairy allergy" but there's no dairy in the ingredients. I checked with Asda and their food technicians came back saying that it's produced on a line handling milk so they were basically covering themselves in case of cross contamination. I guess it depends then on the severity of your allergy (and that probably goes for most of these items really). For my son, it's fine. He gets a build up and ends up with a chest infection. A little by accident has little or no effect. With these he could have a wee treat with his wee friends (even the mummies and daddies can have the same thing) and there's no special treatment, great when he got a bit older.

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    Another couple:

    Tesco Value Digestives
    Tesco Rich Tea FINGERs
    Tesco Fruit shortcake

    (A few brands of fig rolls too, but not all.)

    my son used to have dairy and soya allergy he is 7 now nearly grown out of it now he cant have white bread or buns/wraps.
    i used to make his own bread/biscuits with his special flour and marg - (pure) - only the co-op used to sell it at the time.
    i know how you feel i found meal times so hard and starting school i had to put him on pack lunch as the lunch time staff used to let him eat anything then he would come home really poorly
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