Posted 24th Dec 2022 (Posted 2 h, 17 m ago)
Thinking about making my connections wired, having just had installed a 500mbps fibre connection.

However I have been provided with Linksys Velop from the fibre provider, and have 2 x additional nodes. The nodes only have 2 x ethernet ports - so with a wired set up, each will only have 1 free port.

The parent is connected to the fibre in the hall, and have additional nodes in the living room and bedroom.... currently connected by wifi, living room signal is fair, whilst the bedroom is poor..... so my thinking is to get these child nodes wired, and i have easy passage to lay the cable.

But being the parent has only 1 free port, my understanding is i would have to have a switch in the hall, from which i would a cat6 to the bedroom and living room, to a switch in each of those rooms, from which i can then cable to each piece of equipment in those rooms.
So i would be daisy chaining the switches in the bedroom and living room from the switch in hall.

Would this switch be ok?…e_3

Would these setup work, or is there a better way?

My equipment all works fine, but i´m getting less than 200mbps through wifi on my equipment.... sometimes far less, and the app shows 500mbps is entering the parent node.

With previous provider i had 50mbps and had a mesh network with a switch in both rooms, but these were run from the router which had 5 ports. This gave all my equipment the full 50mbps.... so want similar for my now 500mbps.

Thanks for all your help.
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    Yes, not a problem daisy chaining - there is a limit though and it's recommended to keep the hops below 5 (that's the amount of devices the traffic has to transverse through - you should be fine on a home network).
    That's a gigabit switch, perfect solution for you - it'll give you an additional 5 ports (1 is used for the uplink)

    There is always a better way - such as a managed switch (which will set you back about another £20 or so), but it's not necessary and adds a layer of complexity you probably don't need (you need to configure it to get the best performance out of it) (edited)
    Thank you, best i stay clear of managed. (edited)
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    Thanks, this should have been my first port of call lol

    Think i´ĺl just go for the one switch then connected to the primary..... hive hub us here too.... and run the 2 x cat6 to the secondry nodes and see how that improves the wifi speeds in those rooms.

    Thank you
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    Daisy chaining is fine on an unmanaged home network. At one end in my house I have ONT to Router, to switch in cupboard, to switch in loft to switch in my office. Get full throughput on speed tests etc and latency is the same as switch one.

    Managed is where it becomes complex and a no no for chaining.
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    Thanks all, I ordered 1 switch and a 10m cat8 cable..... i know cat8 is far beyond my requirements, but for £12 and with great reviews i thought why not, if speeds improve in the future will only need to upgrade the switch.
    I´m going to just connect the node in the living room to see how things improve, and take it from there if i also run a cable up to the loft and drop it down to the bedroom.

    Thanks again
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    If you want switches to sort of form a backbone network within your house then I’d personally be looking to get a decent switch where the switching speeds and throughout are advertised.

    As for cat8, I’ve avoided all the increase in numbers must be better and all the cabling in my house is all solid copper cat5e, so can easily achieve gigabit speeds so good enough for me.
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