DalyEureka.com - anybody used em?

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Found 6th Sep 2009

Has anyone used the above website? Feedback appreciated

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DalyEureka.com, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole! They appear to be a scam site. They are using the same address as a legitimate company in Worthing called Eureka, but they have set up a different fake telephone number with a Worthing code. The email address traces to Chicago apparently. It appears the deals are too good to be true deals to suck you in and then they take your money. The owners of the real Eureka are worried as they don't want people to lose their money and think they have anything to do with the whole thing. the police have been notified but they say they can't do anything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just checked the Madrid warehouse address and the address is between an Indian restaurant and a Tapas restaurant in a narrow street!

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What I thought!

Thanks for the advice
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