Damaged parcel sent by dhl

    Sold a wall clock on ebay and itt was collection only, someone asked if i was post it. so i did. Now they have emailed us saying it broken, it was in fully working order when i sent it. What can i do?


    Ask for them to return it,when you receive it back refund them,then put in a claim with DHL

    If it's broken, ask the buyer to return and offer a refund, and claim the cost of the item back from DHL...

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    ok thank you

    These things happen,a few people ordered clocks from Wallace & sacks last year and a fair few arrived damaged.

    If you're selling items collection only,stick to your guns and don't send them,you will always get people asking you to post stuff,i just say no,although i did have a right snotty message from someone the other week complaining that i wouldn't mail a big bulky item,they were ranting on about losing sales !!

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    I wish i didnt post it now, if there is a next time collection only will mean collection only

    I don't know how claims work with DHL,did you package it in bubblewrap etc.

    You could try asking the buyer to email you pics of it broken,sometimes buyers try it on and say something is broken when it isn't hoping you will refund them without asking them to return it,if they do try that and don't want to return it,asks for pics.


    I sent a parcel via dhl this week and they have lost it so I rang them up there really good an helpfull. Just ring and say ur item was broken an see what they say

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    The buyer has said it was well packaged, we wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper and polystyrene. she has took a photo of the damage.

    What a pain for you OP,must be DHL throwing stuff around as they do,hope you get it sorted,you ought to refund the buyer the return postage as well.

    As above,ring DHL see what they say,you might not even have to get the item back and fork out for postage if you can sort it out with DHL from the buyers pics.
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