Found 24th Jan 2008
Anyone saw this? I caught the first two by accident and thought it's pretty good. What do you think. It's got the undeniable ice queen Glenn Close, and directed by Allen Coulter (The Sopranos, Sex And The City)

Set in the world of New York's high stakes litigation, the series follows the turbulent lives of Patty Hewes (Close), the nation's most revered and reviled litigator and her bright and ambitious young prot? Ellen Parsons, played by rising star Rose Byrne.

When Patty and Ellen become embroiled in a case against one of America's wealthiest businessmen, the allegedly corrupt Arthur Frobisher (played by Ted Danson) Ellen witnesses just what it takes to win at all costs. It quickly becomes clear that lives as well as fortunes are at stake.

The cast also includes Tate Donovan (The OC), Zeljko Ivanek (Black Hawk Down) and Noah Bean (Stay). Directed by Allen Coulter (Sex and the City), the series is produced by Todd Kessler (The Sopranos), Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman (Fool's Gold).

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I have been watching it and it is brilliant. You can see why Glenn Close won an award for it.

I watched eight episodes before becoming bored with it. She was good but it seemed to drag on to me.



I watched eight episodes before becoming bored with it. She was good but … I watched eight episodes before becoming bored with it. She was good but it seemed to drag on to me.

Have to agree. It started off in great style and intrigue but tailed off in major style into farce and incredulity when it finished 3 months ago. Worth a go but dont expect it to get better.

the best Tv of 2007 IMHO was



The Wire

The Shield

Rescue Me

I even still rate greys anatomy

All worth looking out for if you can find the series cheap as I know some of these go for a tenner. Dexter is just sheer class and The Shield Series 1 is legendary. Most of the best US TV is on cable channel FX. Makes UK TV look ridiculous.

Anyone else agree?

Thought The Wire was outstanding. I watched the trailers for series five and thought it wopuld not be so good bringing the newspaper into it but having watched the three episodes to date, they have kept the standard up.

How comes you have already seen the whole series of damages?

possibly because all 13 episodes were available online?


possibly because all 13 episodes were available online?

No, no, no. I have a friend/family member/ servant (please delete the ones you don't like) in the USA who sends them to me.:whistling:

seen it all also ages back its ok



How comes you have already seen the whole series of damages?

because they are shown in the US well before the UK airing. Hell, some series' are even on DVD before they get over here :w00t:

yeh like im just about to start watching lost season 4.

Original Poster

Greys Anatomy: kinda lost it for me the season after Burke left. UP to then it was ok (i'm not saying the loss was Burke) but their lives were getting too complicated and incestuous I felt the writers were running out of ideas for the main characters (making them do things that are not in character for eg) and basically losing the plot. Gotta love Yang though, she should ride more of that bike lol ...

Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, CSI LV, Spooks - they're ok but getting samey-samey. Sorry but not a fan of Buffy, Angel, Witches, OC that sort ... Havent seen Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, not sure what that's like yet. Will have to watch The Wire to know what the buzz is about. Just started Sense & Sensibility (yes for the umpteeth time another adaptation) the BBC Drama series but only saw till episode 3 or 4. *sigh never get home in time for them!

Thanks for all your comments. i am keeping fingers crossed for Damages ...

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

I am enjoying this.



I am enjoying this.

Worth a try. I'll try episode 1 tonight then. Thanks for the tip.

Old series but will stay with me forever as superb


Homicide : Life on the Streets

Third Watch

Original Poster

UKTV - hmm even Films at the cinema comes here many moons later. We do have better quality and sensible classifications though.

How cn I watch the whole series of damages on line now then? Thanks.

Original Poster

fair question ... and do a full weekend viewing lol, oh me eyes! :?
i have no idea.


google 'torrents'


google 'torrents'


Original Poster

just by chance saw that Damages is on itunes (1st episode download is free if anyone is interested). snag is they only have 3 episodes you can buy for £3.78 presumably this is because BBC has only shown 3 episodes. hmm.
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